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Recommended Resources

This page contains recommended resources for ongoing spiritual formation.

Some resources will be ongoing, others will be added seasonally based on when they are offered. so check back monthly for new additions.


The Discerning Life: An Invitation to Notice God in Everything by Steve Macchia

Steve Macchia offers one of the best books I have ever read on discernment and how to live a life dependent on the Holy Spirit. "The Discerning Life" does just what it says and focuses on taking time to hear and discern the movements of God in every day life circumstances. If you want to go beyond discernment as it applies to decision making and instead move into practicing a preference for God in all things I recommend getting a copy! Click the picture for link to purchase. 
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Habits for Holiness by Father Mark-Mary Ames

"Habits for Holiness" is a wonderful reflective read for anyone who wants to grow in prayer and develop virtues that support Christian living.  Each chapter is divided into short sections, each followed by meaningful reflection questions. Many books on spiritual disciplines are so lofty that they cannot be applied to everyday life. While those that are tangible can often lack in depth. "Habits for Holiness" is attainable while also drawing you deeper! I appreciate that and think you will too! 


 Click the picture for a purchasing link, photo credit: product image from Ascension Press


Bible in a Year Podcast by Ascension Press

Catholics and Protestants alike have been experiencing life change through studying God's word with Father Mike Schmitz for two years now! First produced in 2021, the Bible in a Year Podcast journeys through the entire Bible in one year with 20-35 minute daily readings, reflections, and prayer. Click on the image above from Ascension Press to access the podcast and free reading plan. 


Catechism in a Year Podcast

If you are Catholic Christian and want to better understand what the Church believes, a person considering converting to Catholicism, or a Christian of another tradition who wants to better understand your Catholic brothers and sisters I highly recommend the Catechism in a Year Podcast. Being recorded in 2023, Father Mike Schmitz is reading and reflecting on the Catechism of the Catholic Church. For further reflections for each day of the podcast you can find prompts from me on Instagram @contemplative_ciay


Click the picture to access the podcast, photo credit: product image from Ascension Press

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Silencio Edited by Steve Macchia 

"Silencio" is what I like to call a compilation of mini-retreats for the soul! Written by 22 different authors on topics such as Sabbath, Rest, Advent, Lent, Silence, Journaling, Community, and so much more. Each of the 52 prayerfully written reflections comes with corresponding questions to invite you into the gifts that these seasons and spiritual disciplines have to offer you.

This is a great book to have on hand, curl up with a cup of coffee and a journal and enter into sacred space with the Lord. Click the picture for a purchasing link, photo credit: product image from

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