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Reviews of Spiritual Direction with Meritt Petrone at Roots and Wings Ministries

Below are some things Meritt's directees have said about attending spiritual direction with her. 

"I have been meeting with Meritt for a couple of months for spiritual direction over zoom, and we are in completely different time zones! Zoom works so well for me as I am a working mama with 3 little girls, and finding an hour is a massive challenge for me. By meeting on Zoom, I am able to gain the gifts that Meritt offers, (and the meetings are so incredibly fruitful by the way!) and get back quickly to my girls. Meritt has absolutely helped me navigate some pretty wild life turns with God at my side. She is present, gentle, offers wonderful insight, and has a laugh and smile that tells me she is absolutely filled with the Holy Spirit. Without Zoom, I would not be able to meet with her as we are in opposite parts of the country, so I am so blessed that she offers spiritual direction virtually. I am so grateful to have found Meritt, it is such an honor to get to work with her. I can’t wait to see what else unfolds in our work together!" - Jessica

"When I felt called back to my Catholic faith after several decades wandering in the unforgiving wilderness, I instinctually knew I needed direction.  Finding Meritt was like my very own welcome home gift from God!  Meritt has been my teacher, guide and companion along this life-changing journey, and her deep insight, peaceful disposition and professionalism are divinely suited to her calling as a spiritual director.  If you’ve just embarked on your own spiritual journey, if you’re struggling with or questioning your faith or even if you’re feeling called to a deeper relationship with Him, there’s a reason you’re reading this right now.  You simply weren’t meant to do this alone.  Just as our eyes acclimate to the diminishing light at dusk, so, too, do our spirits to diminishing nourishment — so much so that we often don’t realize what we’re missing.  Meritt’s guidance will help to brighten that dim light while you move ever closer in faith, hope and trust in Him, your soul’s one true fulfillment.  I thank God all the time that I found her!" - CG

It's been almost a year since I began spiritual direction with Meritt. I can't describe with words how life-changing it has been for me. Meritt is an amazing spiritual director and I cannot recommend her enough. - E.G. 

Had my first spiritual direction session today. I'm so thankful for that set apart time. Truly helpful. I came away from the session feeling a clarity and a lightness in my step. - M.K. 

I used to come to spiritual direction prepared with what to talk about, now I trust God to speak in the silence. - KW

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